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Which course takes place in which semester? How many credits (ECTS) are awarded for which class? When do I have to decide on a major? What is the next seminar?

With you can keep track of your studies, from your first to your last semester.

Course information provided by students for students

With students make key information on their studies available for their fellow students. Download the course catalog for your studies and get a clear overview of your course of studies. Module tiles, dates and notes help you in planning and organizing your semester. Keep track of your study progress by recording your grades and credit points.

The app is free of charge and there is NO need for university login information.

For many courses, students have already provided their study plans. If your course of study is not available, please send your course catalog to and we will upload it within 48h.

About us: was developed by (xStudy SE). Since 1997 we support high-school graduates, university students und professionals in study program orientation.


What is is your personal organizer for succeeding in your studies. It supports you to access and organize key information from the course catalogues of your study programs. You can create study modules that entail course details and assist you with long-range curriculum planning. With you keep track of your studies and monitor your study progress.

What do you with my data?

You do not need to provide any university login/ID data in order to use the App. Data concerning appointments, grades and notes is only stored if you give your consent when activating the backup-function. General data on study programs, course modules and their credit value is shared with other users. The server and the database for the app are hosted by netplace Telematic GmbH. For more information, see our data protection declaration.

In what ways do course plans differ from the university/department course catalogues? course plans are interactive and are limited to the most essential information, i.e. title, value credits (ECTS), semester, elective/ compulsory.

How can I access the course modules for my study program?

Select your study program from the drop-own menu and load the course catalogue.

Can I share the course modules for my study program with my fellow students?

Yes. You can create a copy of your study module plan and share it with others. Swipe from right to left to access the share-function.

How can I integrate main and minor subjects?

Use the "+" button to load the corresponding study program and add the course module as minor or major.

Can I also integrate several study programs?

Yes. Study programs are placed below each other in the semester view.

How can I delete study programs?

Tap on Edit and delete the study program by swiping from right to left.

Which module view modes are possible?

You can choose between module and list view.

How can I assign course modules to different semesters?

The module tiles can be dragged and dropped into the respective semesters. You can also select the semester in the module detail view.

How can I group modules?

You can create module groups using the "+" character.

What does the group symbol WAHL mean?

The group module presents your possible courses you can take in different semesters. You can select your course modules in the detail view. Selected course modules are presented in the semester view.

How do I enter partial grades within a module and what do I need to consider?

You can enter partial grades into the detail information tile. The fields ‘weighting’ of the partial grades according to ECTS points and ‘notes’ are optional. This allows you to add several grades to a single module.

You can delete an entered grade with a swipe to the left.

How can I add a weighting to the overall grade of a single module?

The weighting of a module grade can be set in the module details field. You can add an individual weighting factor or select form the following default settings: 0.5-fold, 1-fold, 2-fold. If the module is ungraded or the grade does not contribute to your degree, select ‘none’ in the weighting settings.

Where can I find the grade-/ECTS calculator?

The grade calculator can be accessed through a swipe from the right or by tapping on your grade / ECTS record on the upper left.

How does the grade calculator work?

In the grade calculator, you can specify the final grade you aim at. Grades/credits are automatically included in the grade calculator when a course module is completed. This way you keep always track of study performances.

What makes the colors of the module tiles change?

At the beginning all modules are yellow. When you reach the grade you aimed at, the module tile changes from yellow to green.

What happens when I add appointments to course modules?

All appointments entered in the module detail view are stored directly in your mobile phone calendar. Already existing appointments can be linked to course module.

How can I switch to the timetable view?

A tap on the calendar icon will display the timetable. The portrait mode shows your daily appointments, the landscape mode opens your weekly schedule.

How do I get presented suitable Jobs and Master’s Degree Programmes?

On the basis of your bachelor's study profile, universities and companies will provide you with information on suitable jobs and master programmes via The more detailed you document your course of studies, the better.

I'm applying for an internship. How I export my course of studies from the app?

You can download your course of studies as PDF document. This function can be accessed through a swipe from the left or by tapping on your grade/ ECTS in the top left.

Is free of charge?


Where does the information come from?

The module course catalogues are provided to us by universities and/or students.

My course module catalogue is not up to date.
There is no course module catalogue for my study program.

If your program is not listed, send the manual for your degree program to and we import the study modules into the App



Add a course catalogue, single courses or groups
Restore your course catalogue from backup
Share your course catalogue
Download your transcript of records
Show suitable jobs and master’s degree programmes
Select to view your timetable
Show modules in list view
Course is passed
Credit points and grades are taken into account
Course not passed
Credit points and grades are not taken into account
Select or deselect courses from a group of elective courses
Favor matching master study programs
Edit course groups
Delete course from semester or course catalogue

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Data Protection Declaration

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The server of the operator is hosted at netplace Telematic GmbH in Munich.

Log data

When accessing websites the user's browser sends technical data to the operator. The operator logs the following data: date and time of the call, address of the visited page, IP of the user and browser recognition. This log information have no direct connection to personal data and are not linked to personal information gathered elsewhere on the site. The data is used to ensure operational reliability and data security of the server. The log data will be kept confidential and in no case be transmitted to any third party.


The operator uses the video service YouTube on his website for the reproduction of image films.

For this purpose the operator accesses external program libraries and contents provided by Google. The user can view the Google’s privacy policy of Google on

The user can prevent the data transfer to Google by deactivating the Java Script function in her/his browser.

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Data Protection Declaration for the App

The App is provided by xStudy SE (hereinafter referred to as „Provider“).

Version 1.9.1, April 23, 2018

Our Data Protection Statement will refer to our users collectively as „User“.

In the following the Provider informs the App User of the nature, scope and purpose of collecting, processing and use of personalized data. Users can access the present data protection statement as well as store it/print it out locally at any time inside the App or on the Internet page

The server and the database for the App are hosted by netplace Telematic GmbH in Munich, Germany.

The Provider makes the following data available in the form of course catalogues (when present):

General Data
  • University
  • Curriculum
  • Academic degree
  • Total ECTS points
  • Study module:
    • Module title and abbreviation
    • Semesters
    • ECTS items
    • Module type (mandatory/elective subject)
    • Weighting

In addition to these general data, the following data are also stored:

User-Specific Information
  • Target grade
  • Passed (Yes/No)

The User expressly declares his or her consent to the use of the general data and user-specific information to improve and update the functionality of the App and in particular also to create and update course catalogues. This applies without restriction above and beyond the termination of the contractual relationship.

The following information is read from the User's device so that the Provider is able to give support to the User:

Device-Specific and Operating System-Specific Data
  • Device model
  • Device OS version
  • Device token / Registration ID
  • Country
  • Language
  • Date identifiers for linking to calendar entries


By activating the backup functionality the user expressly indicates his or her consent to the additional storage by the Provider on Provider's servers of the following User's data:

Personal Information
  • E-mail
  • Notes
  • Grade(s)with weighting

Sharing the course plan

By using this function the User expressly agrees that the Provider may publish or make available to other users the general data of the course catalogues created / modified by the User. This consent also applies expressly in the case of use of optional information:

Personal Information
  • Name
  • Description
  • Notes

Your Career Module

This functionality is only available when the function „Your Career“ has been activated. Only then is the User presented with appropriate study and job opportunities from universities and companies.

By activating „Your Career“ the User expressly agrees to the evaluation of User's general data and user-specific information. In case the User's course profile matches the requirement profile of the university / company, the User will be informed within the App and when appropriate also by push message regarding study and job opportunities at the university or company in question. Here contact data for the university and/or the company are also transmitted.

The User is then free to make use of this information and e.g. to enroll in the curriculum/course offered by the university, to accept the job opportunity at the company or to contact the university/company e.g. for additional information.

Deletion of Personal Data / Termination

By terminating/deleting the account of the User, the User's personal and user-specific information as well as the User's device-specific data are permanently deleted at the User's request. This request must be submitted by e-mail to and must clearly express the request for deletion. The general data provided by the User also remain stored in the database of the provider after termination and can be used by the Provider freely and without restriction for the purpose of improving the App and its functionality.

Measurements provided by INFOnline GmbH

Our application uses the measurement procedure (“SZMnG”) provided by INFOnline GmbH to measure statistical parameters relating to the use of our sites. The aim of the usage measurement is to statistically measure the use intensity, number of usage instances and users of our application and their surfing behaviour on the basis of a standardised procedure to allow values to be collected that are comparable across the market.

For all sites that are members of the Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern e.V. [German Audit Bureau of Circulation] or that participate in online research carried out by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung e.V. [German Online Research Working Group] (AGOF), the user metrics will be processed further on a regular basis by the AGOF and the Working Group for Media Analysis (agma) and will be published under the performance indicator “Unique User” as well as by the IVW with the performance indicators “Page Impression” and “Visits”. This reach and statistics can be accessed on their respective web pages.

1. Legal Basis for Processing

The measurement by INFOnline GmbH using the SZMnG measurement procedure is carried out, upon legitimate interest, under Art. 6 Para.1 lit. f) of the GDPR.

The purpose of processing personal data is to gain statistics in order to create user categories. We use the statistics to understand and substantiate the use of our sites. The user categories form the basis for an interest-oriented alignment of advertising material and advertising measures. A usage measurement which guarantees comparability with competitors in the market is essential for the marketing of this application. Our legitimate interest stems from the economic usability of our findings that we get from the statistics, user categories and the market value of our application, as well as the direct comparison with third-party applications, which can be determined from the statistics.

In addition, we have a legitimate interest in making the pseudonymised data of INFOnline, AGOF and IVW available for the purposes of market research (AGOF, agma) and for statistical purposes (IVW, INFOnline). Furthermore, we have a legitimate interest in providing INFOnline’s pseudonymised data for the further development and provision of interest-oriented advertising material.

2. Types of Data

INFOnline GmbH collects the following data which, according to GDPR, can be linked to a particular person:

  • IP address: On the Internet, each device requires a unique address to transmit information: the IP address. Because of how the Internet functions, it is technically necessary for the IP address to be stored, at least for a short period. IP addresses are truncated and anonymised before any processing. No IP addresses that have not been truncated are saved or processed.
  • A device identifier: To allow devices to be recognised, the reach measurement uses the terminal’s unique identifiers or an anonymous signature that is compiled from diverse information from your device that is transmitted automatically. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to measure the data and to subsequently assign it to the respective identifier by accessing other applications that also use the measuring method (“SZMnG”) of INFOnline GmbH. The following unique device identifiers can be transmitted to INFOnline GmbH as hash:
    • Advertising identifier
    • Installation ID
    • Android ID
    • Vendor ID

3. Data Use

INFOnline GmbH’s measurement process, which is posted on this application, determines usage data. This is done to collect the performance indicators of page impressions, visits and clients, and to provide additional performance indicators (e.g. qualified clients). In addition, the measured data is used as follows:

  • Geolocalisation (web page access being linked to the access location) is performed exclusively on the basis of the anonymised IP addresses and only to the geographical level of federal state/region. The geographical information thus collected cannot under any circumstances be used to determine a user’s specific place of residence.
  • The usage data from a technical client (e.g. from a device’s browser) are amalgamated from all applications and saved in a database. This information is technically evaluated for age and gender and handed over to the AGOF service providers for further processing. In the course of the AGOF study, random samples for social characteristics are taken for technical evaluation, which are organised into the following categories: Age, Gender, Nationality, Occupation, Marital Status, General Household Information, Household Income, Place of Residence, Internet Use, Online Interests, Place of Use, Type of User.

4. Data Storage Time

The full IP address will not be saved by INFOnline GmbH. The truncated IP address will be saved for a maximum of 60 days. The usage data in connection with the unique identifier is saved for a maximum of 6 months.

5. Data Disclosure

Neither the IP address nor the truncated IP address will be disclosed. The data with client IDs will be disclosed to the following AGOF service providers for the creation of the AGOF study:

6. Rights of the Data Subject

The data subject has the following rights:

  • Right of access (Art.15 GDPR)
  • Right to rectification (Art. 16 GDPR)
  • Right to object (Art. 21 GDPR)
  • Right to erasure (Art. 17 GDPR)
  • Right to restriction of processing (Art. 18 GDPR)
  • Right to data portability (Art.20 GDPR)

For inquiries related to this, please consult Please note: For questions such as these, we must ensure that the question actually involves the data subject.

Right to Object
If you would rather not take part in the measurement, you can opt out within the app.

The data subject has the right to submit a complaint to a data protection authority.

Further information on data protection in the measurement procedure can be found on the website of INFOnline GmbH (the company that operates the measurement procedure), AGOF’s web page concerning data protection and the IVW’s data protection web page.